How is it possible? Bands never discovered? The passion.

I think I’m amazed everyday that I surf the internet or talk to people.  I’ve been collecting music since the early 80’s.  Yet to this day and nearly everyday I am finding bands that I have missed through time or still discovering so much new shit.  I hear people always saying that the scene is dying. Dying I ask? What the fuck are you talking about?  It’s not that it’s dying.  It may be evolving from what it once was.  And yes, a lot of you don’t like that, but if it stays the same it will get stale. I used to be all about one form of music and that was it. In my mid 20’s I started opening up to other genres and whatnot.  That opened up a whole other world.  There were bands back in the day that I never gave a chance to because ever other dick was listening to it.  But as time went on I gave them a chance and sure enough I started to like those very same bands.  The same ones I said were fucking gay because everybody was listening to them.  I was the one always looking for the obscure and hard to find stuff.  I still do that same thing today.  I’ll tell you what, it amazes me how much new stuff I discover.  I have a pretty extensive collection.  Most would drool over.  Yet, there is just so much more that I want.  Maybe that’s what keeps me interested in the music that I Iove.   Always looking for that hidden gem.  I’ll never have enough money to buy everything I want but I sure as hell will keep trying.  I know a lot of you are like that too.  I will  jump on youtube here and there and watch these guys talk about updating there collections.  Props to them.  They’re just like you or me.  I see the passion in them.  It’s not about who has the most knowledge.  Shit, I couldn’t tell you where half of the bands are from out of my collection.  I couldn’t care less.  All I care about is if the music gets me going.

Back in the day I would remember every member of every band.  There is no way possible now days with the size of my collection and the massive amount of bands that there are.  Not to mention that so many of these artists jump from band to band or create super groups or start new bands.  But once again, I don’t really care if I know each individual name.  It’s the group as a whole that makes the band.  The last thing that I will say is that my passion for the extreme underground has never waivered.  I’m 44 years old and still buy / collect what I enjoy.  Do I care what others have to say about what bands I like or dislike? Nope.  If you like some pansy ass faggot shit, that’s on you.  But if you’re around me, you will surely be subjected to some of the most extreme stuff on earth.  Horns up and hails to you guys for keeping the scene alive!

Crypt Keeper

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