Minor Updates

Today I made some changes to the menu layout.  Now it will be easier for you to view the episode links when you click the podcast episodes button.  I didn’t like how it was originally layed out.  I just figured out how to change it and make it easier to navigate.  Like I said, this thing needs some tweaking.  I’m not a web designer at all.  Actually I’m pretty clueless when it comes to any of it.  I also have no sense of design.  The best I can draw is stick figures, and even those are questionable.   What this site looks like is actually a small miracle.  I did it myself.  I wish I had more skills but unfortunately I don’t.  This is obviously a DIY project.  Feel free to criticize it, more than likely I’ll agree.  I’m sure I’ll change some other things, but those changes won’t happen until I figure out what they are and how to do it.  Thanks for hanging in there.

Crypt Keeper

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